Translating the voice of the fish factory
Installation created during my stay at the Artist Residency in Creative Centre in
Stöðvarfjörður, EastIceland.

The old fish factory in Stöðvarfjörður in EastIsland closed down i 2005 and now functions as an Artist Residency. 
I have interpreted the small village as an organism and the fish factory as the heart of the village. The fish factory has undergone a transformation - an identity-change. 
How does it tell the stories about this change itself? Iv'e found traces of its voice, and I translate it into geometrical shapes - a language that  we understand. 

In this piece the factory has drawn (with mould) on two white boards - It has created its own art piece, its own story. I have translated its voice into geometrical shapes that seemed very obvious. The mould also refers to year-rings, in that sense the piece is tracing time, and as time goes by, the mould-stane will grow bigger, which is the voice of the factory.