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My work and area of interest is in the field between architecture, art, philosophy and psychology. I try to unite these directions, as I believe they are inseparable in the development of architectural- and art projects. As an architect and artist I work process-oriented and experimental, with the purpose of always challenging and examine the potential of a project.

My projects- and working-methods are characterized by my interest in the visual medium and representations, which becomes a part of shaping and challenging the architecture.

In addition to architecture I studied psychology at the University of Aarhus, where my interest and knowledge about human psychology in connection to the experience of architecture was strengthened, and the theme and methods have always been a part of my projects. I gained knowledge about- and have availed myself of survey methodology - quantitative and qualitative methods and their validity. I have used these methods in my architectural experiments, e.g. in terms of a hypothetical-deductive method in which a hypothesis is tested in a controlled experiment. It interest me how we are all different, but what we have in common is that we transform the explicit reality (architecture) that surrounds us into our own implicit reality that are meaningful for us. Working with this focus and these methods, I want to open the discussion about what the role of architecture is and how it affects us.

Professionally I switch between an intuitive, artistic approach and an analytical, distancing angle in order to develop the project in the best possible way. I am passionate about exploring new areas, acquire new knowledge and develop new techniques, representations, aesthetics and material composition in a specific task.