Revealing the Human Anamorphosis

/how we perceive visual space

The installation depicts the eye as an Anamorphism, which translates and transform its surroundings. The same way we translate the world around us all the time, both because of the technical factors of the vision but also because of our individual subjective interpretation and memory.

This discovery has occurred with the problem of the way we perceive the world around us correlates with the way world physically is. The figure of a sphere represents the human visual perception of space more accurately than Brunecelleschis rectilinear construction. It’s true to the motion of human but also the nature of the eye, itself a sphere, while artificial perspective is constructed to fix space onto a flat picture plane. 

The circular projection onto a flat picture plane of the visual cone conflicts with the flat plane of the picture surface. Straight lines then shouldn’t be depicted as straight but as curved.

Materials: moldings, fence, black strings

The installation shows where my focus has been in the room, which my devise with its membrane allowed me to see.

The scale of the sphere relates to the body in the way that it is the scope of my arms. It has the size of the arm that you stretch out to a measuring distance when you draw. 

Inside the sphere you will see my observations transforming out to the observed. It becomes clear that it is not just the scale that changes, but the shapes changes too. My immediate perception is therefor inconsistent with the reality.

Outside the sphere the strings shows how the reality is being translated and transformed before it reaches my consciousness.

On the sphere itself is the depiction of the surroundings being projected and distorted to reveal how a sphere represents the human visual perception of space.

The installation is site specific, but the device, which is used for creating the installation, can be used in any room, so the installation could reveal the anamorphosis anywhere.


Unfolded maps, Planar projections - Right eye and Left eye

Unfolded maps, Planar projections - Right eye and Left eye

Right eye drawing, Left eye drawing
Unfolded drawing of the installation Revealing the Human Anamorphosis

Architectons - Right eye and left eye drawings of a door is overlapping. The similarity in the juxtaposition reveals a marked difference in the perception of the two eyes.